When Colin met Anne and Bob met Sue, the two innocent young men didn’t know that the girls’ mothers were sexy identical twins, ran a marital aids business specialising in plastic and rubber rainwear and sex wear, and were enthusiastic users of their own goods!
  The courting foursome became entwined in events which led to thorough sex lessons from the girls’ mothers before getting married.  In fact they were bound to be pleased, and their wily enchantresses knew how to fasten harnesses and tie tight, escape proof knots which they loved submitting to in their turn, especially when encased from head to foot in their favourite rubber or plastic equipment, giving much enjoyment for each participant.
  The apprentices had a lot to learn and practice before they were wed and could have a go at each other – which they did with great enthusiasm in due course.
  This is a romance with explicit detail, humour, and rampant sex all round once the apprentices have gone through the induction course and got into their stride. The reader might also find him or herself tantalised at some parts when the couples don’t quite get it with each other.

Cole C. Porter

Blackpool, England

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If you wish to print out and make your own souvenir book, bear in mind that this story was formatted in A5 in order to be a handy size and the best results will be achieved by printing in A5, although you may wish to print out the cover pictures in a larger size for separate appreciation, in which case I recommend glossy photo paper and the ‘best photo’setting on your printer.

If you don’t wish to buy A5 paper especially for the text part of the book, careful folding, creasing, and slitting some A4 paper with a sharp knife will suffice if you don’t have a guillotine, and will probably work out slightly cheaper.

If you have the time and patience to feed both sides of each page in small batches or have a printer that will print on both sides of the paper, that will reduce the bulk of the book. I recommend that you don’t try to print more than five sides at a time with a single-sided printer in case the printer misfeeds or you make a mistake in orientating the pages or arranging their sequence.


Apart from the paper you will need:

  1. Two pieces of A5 card 0.5 to 1mm thick and preferably white faced, cut to size with a metal straight edge and a craft knife, or a guillotine, if you are unable to obtain the card ready cut to size.
  2.  Strip of card – A5 length x thickness of book. (See METHOD, 5).
  3. Some rubber based adhesive and something similar to apply it with unless you don’t mind using a finger, as I did.
Some paste for attaching the covers to the card backings.  A tube of 'Border and Overlap Adhesive’ worked for me.
  • Some cloth – preferably cotton – 9 ¼” (216mm) long x the thickness of your book + 1” for the spine backing.  An old blouse or shirt is suitable and a squared pattern would make it easier to cut it straight.                
  • A means of clamping the pages together, e.g. two lengths of wood approximately 9” (210mm) long and recommended minimum 1” x 1/2” (25 x 12mm) wide/thick, two clamps, or two nuts and bolts through the wood, or a device such as a workbench with a movable jaw.
  • Two pieces of unprinted paper to go between the book and the wood to stop the book receiving dirty marks from the wood or getting stuck to it whilst clamping the pages.
  • Clean damp cloth for wiping up surplus adhesive.

The rest of the information including method is available when purchasing the book online.